Back To Origin

 السلام عليكم
 peace be upon you

Sometime we forgot where we from,
After we met the perfect time for fake world of desire,
What promises we do call upon prayer,
Where we will lead to..

He never Abandoned us,
He gives us beautiful ashes of faith and religion..
Except we the one who abandoned Him..

Managing the art of the promise..

Back to the past..
Back to the origin..
Road to becoming a good servant of Him..
Road to Jannah..

Allah SWT say in the al-Quran :

" Have they not looked at the heven above them - how We structured it and adorned it and (how) it has no rifts? "

(Surah Qaf : 6)

The alternative choice for happiness long life (jannah) is in..

When you will make a difference with it..