Under The Guise of Friendship

 السلام عليكم
 peace be upon you

If a guy calls you  " woi! "(bad things), he/she treats you as an pet.or even worse,item.
If he/she touches you, he sees you as a cheap item that can be thrown away.
If he/she flirts with you, he is chasing his desires. not you.
If he does any of these things under the guise of friendship, tell him/her to stick it off where the 'sun don't shine'.

He is either your husband or a stranger. Please..
respect yourself and your body. 

Unless you are blind  enough to learn from your own mistake.. 

Allah SWT says in the al-Quran :

" No! rather, the stain has covered their hearts of that which they were earning. "

Surah al-Mutaffifin : 14

p/s : well..we're so close to doomsday. its is only important for those who still searching their the only faith ways...



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