Syaitan's Lover

 السلام عليكم
 peace be upon you

Roses are red, Violets are blue. So it goes to male and female.. Especially syaitan is the third one present in black color between the intimate two. Bringing the power of black. Black is nothing, but destructive.. 

Allah says in the al-Quran :

" Say, " I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind. The Sovereign of Mankind. The God of Mankind. From the evil of the retreating whisperer. who whispers (evil) into the breasts of mankind; From among the jinn and mankind." "

Surah an-Nas : 1-5

You may say that color is nothing important. But did you know why the endless hell (Jahannam) were covered by fire? Syaitan also were created from fire (but. Did not Allah think this far?

The reason is simple!

“Even though Syaitan ( devil ) and Jahannam ( Hell-fire ) were created by fire, if Allah wants, insya-Allah the Hell-fire will become a very painful place for Syaitan”

So, don't let Syaitan deceive you! Only if you willing to be a part from Hell-fire prisoner.. 

The happiness he provides with wrong doings is temporary and will earn the punishment of this world and the next. Strive to do good deeds, after all thats one things you'll be taking to the grave.

you need one thing to clear up all this mess by going through..

Journey of  repentance


cheer up !!~



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