Funeral Rites In Islam?

 السلام عليكم
 peace be upon you

People present may pray aloud for the dying person..
Letting them hear their concern and compassion for them..

"Those present should also avoid saying anything in the dying person's presence which is NOT GOOD!"

Negative words will only increase the difficulties which the sick and dying are facing...That is too much for them for sure.. 

On the other hand, good words and positive thought will make the process of dying easier and recovery from illness more bearable. Umm Salamah (Ummu Salamah(Hindon Binti Abi Umayya) In Malay reported ;

Sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAW :

" If you are in the presence of a sick or dying person, you should say good things for verily the angels say, "Ameen" to whatever you said."

When Umm Salamah asked the Prophet Muhammad what should she say, he replied.

" Say : Allah, forgive him and me, and grant me a good substitute after him."

       HR Muslim

                                       Are we prepared?


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